Youth Program

Easton Ballet Academy offers classes for students of all ages who enjoy dancing, as well as training for those who wish to pursue a professional career.

Adult Program

A perfect program for those getting started or revisiting ballet again as an adult! 

Boy's program

Students will study in both their own classes and in their Level class with other students. Class placement is contingent upon the level of technique and age.

Performance Program

EBA offers wonderful opportunity for our students to perform on stage even with professional ballet companies, audition  and register are required, 

Train to be a Dancer


Easton Ballet Academy

Dress Code


Leotard: camisole, short sleeve.

Color: check with your level

Tights: pink, (should be translucent and matte not shiny)

Ballet shoes: pink ( Canvas or leather)



Short sleeve leotard or a snug-fitting t-shirt

Color: pure white only (no logo or words)

Tights: Black with or without white socks

Ballet shoes: white or black. 

Dance belts are required for age 10 & up